Thursday, July 19, 2012

Long time no Talk!

Well... The Gibbins are still here! Been out of the blog world for some time but we're BACK! So... where to begin! Let's start with the kiddos!!!

Garrett Wayne Gibbins
 Garrett has started going to see a Personal Trainer to help him get faster and stronger for football.  He joined Coach Aldo at Aldo's Gym at the beginning of July. So far he LOVES going to Coach Aldo.  He goes three times a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) from 8am - 9am!  We are very proud of him for sticking with it so far... and can't wait to see if it makes his football skills improve.

Speaking of Football - Football starts up soon! My little (or I should say Big) CFPO Red Raider will still be on the Pee Wee team but this will be his second year with Coach Dustin and he is ready to go!  Garrett at first didn't want to play again this year but as time got closer and he learned of new Jersey's and new BLACK Helmets his eagerness to get back to it has grown.. he is now READY!  Check out the picture from last season (his FIRST year playing Tackle Football & first year as a Red Raider)!

Garrett also has his 8th Birthday coming up in August... He's still undecided on what he wants to do for his birthday... he better figure that out quick! lol

 Myriah Jewell Gibbins
Myriah has been busy this summer/year as well.  She has started Cheerleading where she gets to go cheer for her brothers Football team and the other New Braunfels Football Teams.  She has started taking Tumble Classes and has done this for a little over a month now and absolutely loves it! She can do a back handspring (with assistance of course) and has almost got her cart-wheel (with straight legs and all!).  We are very proud of her for finding something she enjoys!

She recently got BRACES! She looks so cute with them on.  Had a few issues getting used to them but now everything is good and she's figured out what she can and can't eat and has developed her routine of brushing her teeth three times a day (used to only do it twice a day).

She recently had her 10th Birthday and had a Sleep Over with some of her friends... That a whole blog post in it's self that I'll have to post later!

Welp gotta go get back to chores... So I'll check back in later!

The Gibbins
Daniel, Kimberly, Myriah & Garrett

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cruise Day Six - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Today we arrived in Ocho Rios, Jamaica around 8:00 AM.  Daniel and I had an excursion booked for 10:30 AM so while we waited for our excursion to start we walked around all the little shops that they have on the island.  Boy let me tell you how pushy these Jamaican’s were.  There is no concept of ‘looking around’ anything you picked up someone was by your side telling you how much it was and asking you how many you wanted. We got a couple things for the kids and then decided to get out of there.  We went into a coffee shop that brews Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.  We didn’t taste any coffee but the little shop was pretty cool.  After shopping for a bit and killing some time it was time for our excursion.  Beach Horseback Riding.

We had a safari bus take us to Chukka Cove where the horses were at and where we would be riding.  The drive took us through Jamaica and boy was that moving.  To see how all the Jamaican’s live was breathtaking and even though they live in such poor conditions they are the most friendliest people we have met on this 10 day trip.  I’ve posted a couple pic’s below to show you how the buildings etc. were as we saw them driving to the Cove.

Once we reached Chukka Cove we took a quick briefing of the horses and then hopped right on and rode through some beautiful country side, through a couple cove’s and then ended up in a larger cove and got to unsaddle our horses and ride in the water.  That was the coolest thing I have ever done.  Even though I fell off my horse twice while riding in the water it was still awesome!  The water was so blue and so beautiful.  We rode for a good 2 ½ hours (including the time we spent in the water).  I’ve posted a few pic’s below of us riding the horses.

After we got back to the main port area we only had about 30 min. before everyone had to be back on the ship so we just decided to beat the last minute crowd and head back to the ship.  Jamaica was beautiful though (Even though we got a small little rain shower at the end of our horseback riding excursion).  I’ve posted a few more pic’s below to show how beautiful the island was.  Enjoy!

Well tomorrow is our last full day on the ship as we head back to Miami, FL.  Once we get back to Miami on Saturday morning then it’s off to the airport to get back home.  As much as I’ve enjoyed this vacation I’m ready to come back home and see the kids.  I’m starting to miss them SO MUCH!  So Myriah and Garrett if you’re reading this know that Mommy and Daddy miss you and we can’t wait to see you on Saturday.  Only two more days!  Love you bunches and hugs & kisses.  ♥  ♥  ♥

Daniel & Kim

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cruise Day Five - Grand Cayman

Today we arrived in Grand Cayman at 7:30 AM.  We had to take a tender boat to the port because the cruise ship had to drop anchor a little ways out to not disturb all the coral that in further up inland.  So Daniel and I had a wake up call at 7:00 AM so we could get dressed and ready to get off the ship as our first shore excursion started at 9:00 AM.  The tender took about 45 min. from the time we waited in line, got on the tender boat and made it to the shore of Grand Cayman.  Grand Cayman was BEAUTIFUL.  Water is so clear you can see straight to the bottom in like 30 / 40 feet waters.  We toured the island for a bit before it was time to get ready to go parasailing.

Welcome to Grand Cayman!

So our first excursion for the day was PARISAILING.  Let me tell you this was Awesome!  We got to soar up above the water (approx. 400 feet) and you could see the whole island and the beautiful colors of the water.  We took a few pictures from the air and one of the guys running the excursion took pic’s of us taking off, while we were in the air and when they dipped us in the water.  He gave us a memory stick of all the pictures he took so those pic’s will come later.  Below is some pictures that we took while in the air.

View while headed up in the air!

A little higher...

After we got back from parasailing we walked around the island a bit more and found a Dairy Queen in Grand Cayman!  It was so weird (I thought Dairy Queen was only in Texas)… Daniel and I decided to eat at Dairy Queen for lunch thinking let’s have a burger etc.  Well the only thing on this DQ menu was hot dogs and blizzards.  SO needless to say we had a DQ hotdog for lunch.  Lol

It was now time for our last excursion in Grand Cayman.  Snorkeling over coral reefs and snorkeling over a shipwreck.  This too was AWESOME except for one minor set back…. Daniel got sick.  He snorkeled for maybe 30 min. over the coral reef and started to get a headache and nauseous. So he got out of the water and sat on the boat.  I felt bad for him and was going to get out with him but he insisted I stay in and enjoy myself. So I did and it was AMAZING.  There were hundreds of tropical fish just swimming all around.  A lot of them swam in groups and when they got close to you they just split and went around you.  I didn’t see Nemo though but I think I saw a few Dory’s.  I took some pictures with the underwater camera so we’ll have to wait till we get back to see if any of these turned out.  We snorkeled over the reefs for about an hour and then got back on the boat and headed to a local shipwreck… They said that this shipwreck was from back in the 1800’s when a boat carrying rice cargo got stuck in the middle of bad weather (a hurricane) and was on their way to Cuba but couldn’t beat the storm so they stopped off at Grand Cayman.  They tried to get all their cargo and crew off the boat before the storm hit but by the time they got the ship docked the storm was already there and their boat was starting to take a beating.  Boards and pins were starting to break so they decided to un-dock the boat and anchor it a ways out hoping it could weather the storm and once the storm passed they would come fix the few holes and be on their way.  Well the storm lasted three days and when they went back to their boat the boat had capsized and sunk.  Main reason is their cargo was rice and well what happens to rice when it sits in salt water for three days… (You can figure the rest out).  Anyways once we learned about the ship wreck we got to dive right in and explore.  Daniel tried getting in once more but felt too sick so he got out and I explored the ship wreck.  It was so neat.  You could see the bow and the stern and all the pieces in between.  Small little port holes and the engine with the stamp of the manufacture still imprinted on it.  I tried taking some pictures but the water proof camera stopped working.  It said I had 9 pictures left but wouldn’t do anything.. So we will see when we get back what turned out.  Here is a picture on our way out to go snorkel…  ALSO: Note to self… Next time you go snorkeling put sunscreen on the back of your legs especially by our bootay… because Kim here put sunscreen all over her body except the back of her legs and is now sunburned all the way up to her booty.  Swim suit sunburn lines here we come!  : )

We're headed to the Coral Reef Site.

Can you see the fish?  It's Blue!

Once we were done snorkeling it was about time to head back to the ship as we left Grand Cayman early today (4:30 PM).   Well that’s about our day today.  Hopefully we make it to our dinner tonight.  It’s supposed to be our nice dinner in the ‘fancy’ restaurant.  Daniel’s taken medicine and is asleep now and our dinner isn’t until 8:00 PM (it’s now 4:30 PM) so hopefully he feels better after he sleeps a bit and we can still make our dinner.  We’ll see…  But before I go I have to post the famous Jimmy Buffett’s MARGARITAVILLE picture.  We found this while walking around the island before our snorkel excursion.  Enjoy!

Myriah and Garrett: Only 3 more days until Mommy and Daddy will be home.  I hope you’ve been behaving for Oma and Aunt Tee Tee and that you will be behave for your Nana now.  We can’t wait to see you when we get back on Saturday night.  You better be at the airport waiting for us.  We love you bunches.  Hugs & Kisses from Grand Cayman (Since we are just now leaving at the time of this post).  Love you! ♥

Daniel & Kim

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cruise Day Four

Hello Everyone!  Today was day four on our cruise trip and it was another day at sea as we head towards the island of Grand Cayman.  Daniel and I didn’t do too much today because we are so sore from the ATV excursion yesterday.  Daniel’s back hurts and my wrist hurts (my bad wrist).  That didn’t stop us though from playing some trivia games on-board today and watching a few shows.  We got to see a Motown show which a singer all the way from New Orleans played music and sang some good ole’ Motown music in which he came down and sang to the audience and what do you know he sang to me. (blushing) lol… I got all our laundry caught up today and then we basically just hung out.  Daniel played in the casino again today and won yet another $160.00.  (Yes he SUCKS).  I told him he needed to stop playing before we lost all his winnings and then some.  We still have 3 more days on this boat however so we‘ll see if I can keep him away from the casino.   : )

Anyways… we are calling it an early night tonight as we have to get up at 7:00 in the morning because we have to take a tender to the port in Grand Cayman tomorrow and the tender takes approx. 45 min. so we need to be in line for the tender before 8:00 AM as we have our first shore excursion in Grand Cayman at 9:00 AM.  We get to go parasailing in the morning and then snorkeling during the mid-day tomorrow.  I’ll let you know all about our day in Grand Cayman tomorrow night. 

Hope my kiddo’s are behaving themselves and Myriah and Garrett Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are thinking about you ALL the time! Hugs & Kisses from the middle of the ocean.  MUAH! ♥  ♥

Daniel & Kimberly Gibbins

Cruise Day Three - Cozumel, Mexico

WOW!  Today was Awesome!  Today was the first day we were in port and our first stop was in Cozumel, Mexico.  We spent most of the day off the boat on the island of Cozumel.  Before we headed out to explore Cozumel we grabbed lunch on the lido deck (which is buffet) and got all our things ready for our shore excursion.

Welcome to Cozumel, Mexico

When we got off the boat we just walked around the port (called Puerta Maya) and checked out all the shops etc. until it was time for our shore excursion at 2:00pm.  Our shore excursion for today was a ATV Jungle adventure that took us to some Mayan Ruins.  All I have to say is this excursion was AWESOME and boy did we get dirty.  It started out with a 30 min. bus ride to the Cozumel jungles.  Once we arrived we took a quick briefing of ‘how to work an ATV” before jumping on our ATV’s and riding through the jungle.  They let ‘experienced’ drivers go in front while the non-experienced rode towards the back.  SO… Daniel and I were put into the experienced group and rode at the front of the line.  Which also meant you get the most dirtiest as you ride through the mud and waters of the jungle on our ATV’s.  We were on our ATV’s for about an hour and a half which stopped at two separate Mayan Ruins.  Each stop the tour guide explained the history behind the Mayan Ruins.  We did learn that the ‘old saying’ of the Mayan prediction of the end of the world in 2012 is in fact NOT true and in reality it’s just the end of the Mayan Calendar.  They said that the Mayan Calendar is 2600 years and at the end of the 2600 years the Calendar ends and that is 2012.  Anyway… enough history for this blog.  I will tell you that Daniel and I got COMPLETELY muddy on this excursion but it was so worth it because Daniel and I had a BLAST! (See pic’s below of our muddiness)

 Daniel 1/2 way through our ATV Adventure!

Kim 1/2 way through our ATV Adventure!

So as you can see we got extremely muddy so after the excursion ended (around 5:30pm) we headed back to the ship to take a shower and get all the mud off of us.  Once we showered and got cleaned up we ate dinner (again on the Lido Deck) and then headed back out to Cozumel.  This time we just toured the island some more and did a little shopping.  We then headed to FAT TUES DAY’s and had a Daiquiri and watched the sun-set on Cozumel.  It was pretty cool b/c the ship was docked right in front of where we were sitting so we had her in view while the sun set.

Sun Set in Cozumel, Mexico!

We had to be back on the ship by 9:30pm as she was going to set sail at 10:00pm.  We got back on the boat took all our stuff to our rooms and then headed down to the Venetian Palace where we watched a Game Show, Played Bingo and then watched the Main Show of the evening called “The Village Idiots”.  This show was about two guys who where comedians / Jugglers.   This show was so funny and interesting.  They juggled all kinds of things and threw in comedy with it. They juggled bowling pins, knifes, Fire torches etc.  After that show was over we headed to the Victoria Lounge where we watched another Comedy show but this Comedy show was for “Adult’s Only” and OMG it was Hilarious.  So now finally after all that we made it back to our rooms and it’s now almost 2:00 in the morning.  I will tell you that on this ship you do not make it back to your room before 1:00 AM.  There is always things going on until 1:00 / 2:00 in the morning.

Well that’s about it for now.  Tomorrow is another Fun Day at Sea as we head towards the Grand Cayman Islands.  Don’t know what we will do tomorrow yet (still need to check out our Fun Times entertainment schedule), but I do know that I need to get some laundry done so I may do that tomorrow in the AM or late at night.  We’ll see… Until tomorrow!  Good-night!

Love and miss you Myriah and Garrett!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Daniel & Kimberly

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cruise Day 2

Hello Everyone!  Today was Day 2 of our Carnival Liberty Cruise.  Today was a Fun Day at sea while we head towards Cozumel Mexico.  We just hung out all day, played Miniature Golf and I kicked Daniel's butt the first game... So Daniel had to have a re-match b/c he just couldn't accept that I beat him, and of course he won the second game.  We chilled out by the pool and relaxed a bit.  We also tried out the Casino.  Daniel won $100.00 on the nickel slot machine.  I made him cash out before he lost it all.  I know he'll be back on there later in the week so I better watch him closley.  lol

Well we are getting ready to go to a Comedy Show and it runs until Midnight so good-night to all and I wrote a longer post tomorrow once we get back from our day at Cozumel.

Love you Myriah and Garrett!  Hugs & Kisses from the middle of the ocean!

Daniel and Kimberly

Cruise Day 1

WOW! What a day.  It’s 1:15 in the morning and Daniel and I are just now coming back to our room to crash for the night and everything is still happening on the other decks.  Today wasn’t that ‘big’ of a day.  Just basically walked all over this MASSIVE ship looking and searching for everything on board.  We had to do the Muster Drill before we set sail.  This is to show us where our ‘muster’ station is in the event something was to happen to the ship aka a Titanic repeat.  lol After that we took a dip in the pool and just chilled out for a bit and then went and walked around this big ole’ boat.  I think after the 5th walk around we finally found everything.  We ate dinner in the Main Dining room.  Daniel and I have our own little table for two that is our table we will go to everyday we sit down to eat in the main dining room.  If Daniel and I don’t want to eat in the main dining room then we can eat on the Lido Deck at a place called Emile’s which is buffet style dining.  We opted to eat in the main dining room tonight.  We may do the buffet tomorrow.  We’ll see…

Anyway, again not much was done today.  We did go see a ‘preview’ of a show in the Venetian Palace.  Saw a mini preview show of the singers and dancers PLUS we got to see a preview of the new Comedy Club that this boat has.  It’s basically stand-up comedy and this guy was HILIAROUS tonight. (and it was just a preview).  Daniel and I may go see a full show sometime this week.  Well I’m about to fall asleep so I better get going.  Here are a few pic’s of the cruise ship and of our departure out of Miami.  Enjoy and until next time….

Deck 10 Looking towards the back of the boat.

A Sneak Peak of inside the boat...

 Good-bye Miami... HELLO Vacation!

Love you Myriah and Garrett.  We miss you bunches!  MUAH ♥

Daniel and Kimberly Gibbins

Friday, July 30, 2010

Miami Day 2

WOW! What a day in Miami, FL.  We rented a car today and went EVERYWHERE!

Our first stop was at the Cape Florida Lighthouse.  I got a 'tourist' brochure from the hotel lobby last night and was going through it and saw that Florida has a lighthouse and the first thing I did was think of my Momma!  So after breakfast today Daniel and I took a taxi (1st taxi ride ever btw) to a 'rental car center' (yes I said center)... See here in Miami they don't have rental car companies on any random street they have a whole center for rental cars.  It's this 4 story parking garage that has like 10 rental car companies inside it where you can rent a car. So we rented a car and headed out to this lighthouse.  Luckly the rental car company had a GPS that we could use so that helped us find all of our destinations.  Below is a pic. of the Miami Skyline while we were driving to the lighthouse...

 Miami Skyline

 So finally we made it to the Cape Florida Lighthouse which is located on in the Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park on Biscayne Bay.  We got to climb all the way to the top of the lighthouse which was WAY COOL but OMG it was so many steps and you got so dizzy going around and around in a circle up the spiral staircase, BUT once you got up there and stepped out on the deck it was a GEORGOUS view.  Pic's below:

Cape Florida Lighthouse

 View from the top of the lighthouse!

 So after we worked up a good sweat climbing to the top of this beautiful lighthouse we ate at a little restraunt called Lighthouse Cafe. (Which really wasn't that great but that's okay)

Our Next Stop... Miami Beach aka South Beach..

On our way to South Beach we found where the Port of Miami was and there were three ships docked leaving out today.  One was a Carnival Cruise Ship (This ship is smaller than our ship however)

Another Ship that was in Port from Carnival.

Once we reached Miami Beach we saw so much.  Miami Beach was a very happening area.  There were SO MANY people there and the town was just so alive.  Every corner you turned there was a bar and music playing.  We decided to step away from the city life but before we headed to the beach I got to see DASH Miami (anyone who watch the Kardashian's know what this is)... so anyway we headed to the beach for awhile and took a nice little stroll on the South Miami Beach.

 South Miami Beach, FL

 After that we just decided to drive around and low and behold guess what we found!... the MIAMI CITY BALLET.  (anyone who knows me knows why I was super excited to find this place)!

 Miami City Ballet

After that we continued to drive until the GPS lead us to the Holocaust Memorial which was awesome.  There were walls of historical information on the Holocaust.  Here's one pic. of the Memorial but many more moving pic's to come after we get back.

 Holocaust Memorial

 After that we continued to drive around for a bit until we finally were ready to come back to the hotel PLUS we couldn't miss the Manager's reception with FREE Drinks! 

Well that's about the majority of what we did today.  Of course there is so many pictures that were taken but everyone can wait until we get home to see the rest of them.  : )

Well tomorrow's the day that we get to board the Carnival Liberty.  Daniel and I can't wait.  We are checking out at 10:45 AM and the hotel will take us to the port at 11:00 AM.  Talk to everyone once we are on-board.  Love you guys!

Myriah and Garrett... Look at the moon tonight b/c Mommy and Daddy are looking at it thinking about you!  We Love and Miss you bunches!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Kim & Daniel

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miami Day 1

Well today was officially day one of our vacay.  After having to get up at 3:00 in the morning we finally made it to Miami, FL only to wait 2 hours for our hotel shuttle.  However we FINALLY made it to our hotel and boy are we glad to be here!  It was a gorgeous day today.  We got situated in our room and just chilled out for awhile and ordered food in (since we hadn’t eaten ALL day and it was now like 4:00pm).  They had a managers reception tonight in which we got FREE drinks from 5:30 - 7:30 so what could go wrong with FREE DRINKS!  After a couple drinks we headed to the hot tub (which was SUPER Hot and Oh So Relaxing).  The hotel here is nice and the scenery is fabulous.  So many palm trees.  Well Daniel and I are super tired and going to call it an early night tonight.  We have something planned for tomorrow but we’ll let that be a surprise!  Chat at you all tomorrow night.  Goodnight!  Here are some pic's we took today.  Enjoy!

Mommy and Daddy love you Myriah and Garrett!  ♥

 Miami Skyline

 Our Hotel

Yummy Cosmo!

  Daniel enjoying his FREE drink


♥ ♥ ♥
Daniel and Kim

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our 10 day agenda

It's FINALLY Time for our trip!  For the sake of my children and my family I've listed out our 10 day 'agenda' so my kiddo's and family can see where we will be each day while we are gone!  Daniel and I are SUPER excited and can't believe the day is finally here.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me count down to this special day (especially to my co-workers who have put up with my count down for the past month!)  Whelp good-night and good-bye for now and.... here you go!!!

Destination:    Miami, FL, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica
Dates: 7.29.10 - 8.7.10 

Day 1- (Thursday 7.29) Leave for Miami, fl   
  • Our plane leaves from Austin, TX at 6:30AM (Fight #652)
  • Layover in Dallas, TX - Leave for Miami, FL @ 9:00AM (Flight #1568)
  • We arrive in Miami, FL at 1:00PM (Miami Time)
  • Staying at the Embassy Suites Miami, FL
  • We will have our cell phones on while we are in Miami.  Feel Free to call us!  : )
Day 2 - (Friday 7.30)   
  • Day in Miami, FL
  • We plan on seeing some of Miami.  Going to the beach, looking around etc.
  • We will have our cell phone’s on this day as well!
Day 3 - (Saturday 7.31) Set Sail!   
  • Today’s the DAY!  We get to set sail aboard the Carnival Liberty!
  • The Hotel will take us to the Port of Miami where we will board our ship.
  • Check-In for the ship begins at 12:30PM (Miami time)
  • The Ship will set sail at 4:00PM (Miami time)
  • We will have our cell phones on up until the ship set’s sail.  Once the ship set’s sail the cell phone’s will go off and won’t turn back on until we disembark. (b/c I don't want a HUGE cell phone bill when we return)
Day 4 - (Sunday 8.1)   
  • Today is a FUN Day at Sea as we head to Cozumel, Mexico.
  • There will be activities on-board, shows to watch, swimming, golf etc. to do on the boat.
  • Don’t know what we will do yet but they give you a Carnival Capers in which you can plan your day of activities the night before. So we will see what’s in-store for this Fun Day at Sea.
Day 5 - (Monday 8.2)   
  • Today we arrive in Cozumel, Mexico!
  • The ship docks in Cozumel at 8:00AM (Still Miami time aka Ship Time)
  • We have a shore excursion planned for Cozumel.  We will be going on a ATV Jungle Adventure through the Cozumel Jungle which will take us to the Mayan Ruins in which we will get to see two original temples that once held the bodies of Mayan Royalty.  This excursion is a 4 hour excursion so the portion of our day will be spent doing this.
  • Once we are done with our excursion we plan on just site-seeing and checking out the beach (in the safe zones of course).
  • We leave Cozumel at 10:00PM
  • There will be shows etc. on the boat for us to see so the fun keeps going!
Day 6 - (Tuesday 8.3)   
  • Today is another Fun Day at Sea as we now head toward the Grand Cayman Islands.
  • Again there will be activities for us to do on the boat like swimming, shows, golf etc.
Day 7 - (Wednesday 8.4)   
  • Today we arrive at the Grand Cayman Islands.
  • The boat docks at 7:30AM.
  • We have two shore excursions planned for this port.
  • First we are going to go Parasailing 400 feet over the crystal blue waters of Grand Cayman.
  • Later in the day we are going Snorkeling.  We get to stop at two snorkel stops.  One is over a Coral Reef and the next stop is over a shipwreck.  We get to learn the history of the wreck and then we get to dive right in and snorkel over the shipwreck. We hope to see lots of tropical fish and maybe even Nemo!
  • Our day in Grand Cayman ends short as the ship leaves the port at 4:30PM.
  • We have our dinner date planned at the exquisite Harry’s Steakhouse on the ship. This is a ‘fancier’ restaurant on the ship that is for adults only and of course cost extra, but I’m sure it will be worth it.
  • The rest of the evening we will enjoy the endless activities as we head to our next destination.
Day 8 - (Thursday 8.5)   
  • Today we arrive in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!
  • The boat will dock at 8:00 AM.
  • We have one shore excursion planned for Jamaica.
  • We will be going horseback riding on the beach of Jamaica.  We will take a ride to Chukka Cove Beach where we will meet up with our horses, saddle up and ride off on the shoreline.
  • We get to unsaddle the horse for about 15 min. where we can ride the horse into the sea!
  • We leave Jamaica at 3:30PM but will be back on the boat for another fun filled evening.
Day 9 - (Friday 8.6)   
  • Today is our last full Fun Day at Sea as we head back to Miami, FL.
  • No telling what activities we will do.  After everything we’ve done all week we may just sit and relax poolside!  Yeah, that sound nice and stress free! 
Day 10 - (Saturday 8.7)   
  • Today our Vacation comes to an end.  : (
  • We arrive at the Port of Miami at 8:00AM and begin our disembarkation off the Carnival Liberty.
  • The Carnival bus will take us to the Miami airport
  • We board our plane to Atlanta at 1:35PM (Flight #3609)
  • We arrive in Atlanta at 3:40PM
  • We board the plane in Atlanta headed to Dallas, TX at 4:50PM (Flight #1197)
  • We arrive in Dallas at 6:10PM.
  • We board the plane in Dallas and head to San Antonio at 7:00PM (Flight #1197)
  • We finally arrive in San Antonio, TX at 8:00PM where my Kids will be waiting to see us and I will be SO READY to see them!
I want to Thank my Momma (Nana), my Mother-N-Law (Oma) and my Sister-N-Law (Tee Tee) for watching the kiddo’s for Daniel and I while we are gone.  Words can’t express how grateful Daniel and I are that ya’ll are willing to watch the kids for us.  We are so grateful to have a WONDERFUL Family!  Thanks in advance for everything and we LOVE ya’ll SO MUCH!!!!

To Myriah and Garrett:
      Mommy and Daddy are going to miss you so much while we are away.  I want you to know that ya’ll will have so much fun with Nana, Oma and Tee Tee and I want you to check our family blog everyday (probably in the morning’s b/c Mommy will post late at night) to see what Mommy and Daddy are up to.  We will be thinking about you everyday while we are gone and will take lots of pictures for you and bring you back lots of goodies from all the places we went.  We LOVE YOU SO MUCH and can’t wait to see you when we return, so you better be at the airport ready to see us!  Lots of Hugs and Kisses from Mommy and Daddy!  Remember look up at the moon and know that Mommy and Daddy are looking at that same moon thinking of you and blowing you kisses from far away!  Love you bunches and see you in 10 days! MUAH!

Lot's of Love!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Kim & Daniel

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